Seeds for Change Gardens


Thank you for your interest and support!

We would like you to consider making a one-time or monthly donation. Your contribution will go straight to the core of our work to build more gardens, provide the tools and resources needed to teach more people important food growing skills and engage new people in the local food movement!

Our goal is to sign up 100 people for monthly donations of $5 (Just $60 for the year). That would mean a whopping $500 coming into Seeds For Change each month that we we can use to:

* build garden infrastructure
* plant and design our three NEW gardens
* teach kids to grow food and eat healthy snacks
* provide gardening and cooking workshops to people in our community
* grow the network, spread the word and sprout this food revolution!

All of our monthly donors will receive invitations to special events, advance registration for workshops and training sessions, and a quarterly update how your contribution made a difference in our community.

It is REALLY easy to donate. Just go to our charitable partner, YRFN.CA and click the ‘donate now” button on the right.

Please make sure to indicate “Seeds For Change” in the message line.

All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt from the York Region Food Network.

Please help us spread the word… Pass this on to your friends and family - because with everyone’s help we can sprout the food revolution and really make some positive change!

Or you can make your cheques payable to:

Seeds For Change

Mailing Address:

2 Stately Way
Thornhill ON
L3T 3Z8

Thanks so much for helping us GROW!