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York Region Community Gardeners Network (YRCGN)

York Region Community Gardening Network (YRCGN)

What is the York Region Community Gardening Network?

The York Region Community Gardening Network (YRCGN) is a group of individuals and organizations involved in the school and community garden movement in York Region.  We are interested in making community gardening and integral part of suburban life.

Seeds For Change created the YRCGN to provide opportunities for citizens to share information, resources, events, food, workshops and to collaborate with fundraising and promotion of all gardens in York Region.  Our hope is to expand our efforts and programs in order to contribute to the sustainable development of York Region.

We welcome every community member who wants to garden whether it’s at their children’s school, in a seniors’ residence, through their religious congregation, at a local firehall or on any arable land where there is an opportunity to plant and share Seeds For Change. Come and grow with us!

How does the YRCGN website work?

To help develop and grow the community gardening network in York Region, we have set up our website with the following tools:

1) York Region Garden Map: This is a list of some of the community gardens in the Region. If your garden isn’t on the list yet, then feel free to contact us to find out how to be connected.

2) Events, Workshops And Courses: Looking to green your thumb or grow your own food? Here you will also find a calendar of the garden and green-related events. If you are hosting an event, please send us an email with details and we will post it here.

3) Resources: Tools to help you create, maintain and grow a garden.

4) Volunteer and job opportunities: Looking for an environmentally friendly job? Community-oriented work? Or perhaps you want to employ someone, find the latest information here!

Community Gardens within York Region – Map
Links to those with websites
Links to local resources
Links to national/international resources
Volunteer Opportunities
Job Opportunities